Minor Accounts

You are never too young to start saving with your Credit Union. Simply drop into the office to open your account, and get a free Credit Union School Pack. If you are under 7, get your parents to come along and open the account for you*.

*In both cases proof of ID & Address will be required for the parent / guardian.

Gr8 savers

Ahoy! You’ve heard the old tales of pirates sailing the seas seeking out treasure? Well, now you can build up your own pirate-like treasure chest by saving a bit of your pocket money on a regular basis.

Saving means not spending your money today so you can buy something even better later. So instead of spending all your pocket money today, you might want to save some of it so that you can buy something nice, like a bicycle or a new computer game, later on. That is what your local credit union is there to help you do. If you get pocket money, work out how much you are going to spend and how much you are going to save. Once you decide, you can put it into your credit union account and your money will be kept safe for you until you need it.