These days, work and family commitments often make it difficult to find time to make a trip to the Credit Union.

Speed and convenience are important to our members. First Choice Credit Union has the following services which compliment but do not replace our traditional services.

Beat the Queue:

Tired of queuing? Explore these available services …


There are currently no account charges, fees or maintenance costs for any of these services.

Direct Debits & Standing Orders to Pay Bills

Want a quick, convenient, flexible, hassle-free way to pay your electricity, phone or other bills. You can now allow these bills to be collected by Direct Debit, or you can arrange a Standing order from your savings account with the Credit Union to pay your Creditors.

All Direct Debits & Standing Order requests must originate from First Choice Credit Union – please contact any staff member for a Direct Debit or Standing Order Form.

Direct Debits To Repay

Want a quick, convenient, flexible, hassle-free way to pay into the Credit Union? Then set up a Direct Debit to allow the Credit Union to collect money from your bank account on a regular basis. All Direct Debits requests must originate from First Choice Credit Union – please contact any staff member for a Direct Debit Request form.

Online Credit Transfer Limit

From Friday 27th March 2020, a daily online credit transfer limit of €20,000 will be in place. Should you wish to make a single transfer in excess of this amount it will need to be carried out in your branch.

Wage’s Pay path

Member’s wages / salaries can now be paid directly into their Credit Union account, on the same day that your salary would normally be applied to your bank account. To use this service either ask your employer for a pay path mandate or call to any of our branches and we will provide you with a mandate form with your account BIC & IBAN details.

Wage’s Deductions

We operate payroll deduction schemes with employers in the area. Please check with your payroll department if this facility is available to you.

This scheme allows employees to have a set amount of their wages paid into their savings or loan account. Having some of your wages deducted at source is a very convenient way of saving money or paying back a loan.

SEPA Credit Transfers [Electronic Fund Transfers]

  • You can now make payments, when you are in offices or through our Online Banking, funds between your Credit Union account and bank account within 2 working days any where in the SEPA area.

To be sure you don’t make a mistake when sending a payment, follow these simple rules:

  • Always double-check the BIC & IBAN when sending a payment. This is the only information used to address your payment.
  • Check the amount and payment reference, particularly if you are paying a business or paying a bill.
  • Once a payment has been sent, it isn’t possible to automatically reverse it. If you think you’ve made a mistake, it’s important to act quickly. Tell us immediately.
  • Likewise, if you’ve received money into your account you think might have been sent to you in error, contact us away.

Cross Border Payments

We also offer overseas Electronic Fund Transfer payments. Please enquire at our Castlebar office for further information.

  • SEPA will allow Credit Union members to make and receive Euro payments to and from their Credit Union accounts, across all participating countries. For more on this got to our SEPA information page

Counter Transactions

Front counter transactions can be processed during our office opening hours. Receipts provided instantly.

Quick Pay

No need to queue, just fill in the lodgement slip at the quick pay counter. Put cash/cheque and lodgement slip into envelope provided and deposit into quick pay box. Your transaction will be processed the same day and the transactions will be recorded on your next statement. It’s simple!