Information for SME Borrowers in Financial Difficulty

Many businesses face financial challenges from time to time. Market forces, cashflow issues and a host of other financial pressures can put stress on a business. At FCCU, we recognise that it isn’t always easy, and we want to help where we can.

Dealing with financial problems in business can be daunting but tackling problems and seeking advice at an early stage can make a difference. At FCCU, we are fully committed to working with you in attempting to find appropriate solutions as regards the loan you hold with us which may assist your business to get through a period of financial difficulties.

Download: Information Booklet for SME’s facing Financial Difficulty

This booklet outlines the approach and procedures of FCCU when dealing with SME borrowers who are in financial difficulties and gives information on the various options available to SME Borrowers who are in financial difficulties. It also details the criteria which will be applied to SME Borrowers who are in financial difficulties. At all times, it is in your interest to engage with the credit union about your arrears or financial difficulties so that a suitable arrangement can be found.