Each share you hold in your credit union is equal to €1. Members enjoy equal rights to vote (one member, one vote) and participate in decisions affecting the credit union. Savings are insured at no direct cost to the eligible member, there are no hidden fees or transaction charges and each share you hold for that year is eligible for a dividend.


For futher information relating to savings limits on members accounts, please click below.


Electronic Funds Transfer

Using your Credit Union IBAN & BIC you can easily transfer funds into your CU account.

Credit Transfer

Complete a credit transfer mandate form available in-branch.

Visa/Debit Card

Make a deposit to any of your credit union accounts using a VISA/Debit Card.

Over The Counter

Drop into any of our branches in Achill, Balla, Ballyhaunis or Castlebar to pay over the counter.

Payroll Deduction

Mandate a portion of your wages to be automatically transferred to your Credit Union account.


Lodge cash straight into your CU account at our ATM (Castlebar Only).

Other Information about our Savings Accounts


This is a unique facility for credit union members where you can nominate who is to receive the monies in your accounts with the credit union upon your death.

Deposit Guarantee Scheme

Eligible deposits in First Choice Credit Union Limited are protected by the Deposit Guarantee Scheme (“DGS”), up to EUR 100 000.

Tax Treatment of Dividends

Dividend and deposit interest paid to members will be subject to DIRT, with the exception of dividend or interest paid to members who are exempt from DIRT.