Become a member

LIVE, WORK or your family home is  within the Castlebar, Balla, Ballyhaunis or Achill Common Bond area? Simply apply online below or drop into any of our branches and we will be delighted to take you through the membership process.

What you need to join

Proof of Identity

A Valid Passport, Drivers Licence or National Identity Card

Proof of Address

Utility Bill, Original Bank Statement – within 6 months

PPS Number

Payslip, P60, Revenue Document

Entrance Fee

Entrance fee and minimum membership amount – €11 in total

Benefits of Membership

Online Banking & Mobile App

Access your account 24/7, view your account, transfer money or pay your bills.

Current Account & Debit Card

Globally accepted Mastercard® Debit Card, Free Contactless Payments, Overdraft & more

Low Cost Loans

You can apply for a loan the same day you join.

Loan Protection & Life Savings Ins

Enjoy piece of mind on borrowings and savings at no cost to you.

Owned By You

We are a not-for-profit organisation owned by you our members.

Community Support

Your helping your local community when you become a member.

Minor Membership

All we require is Official I.D. (Passport or Birth Certificate), Proof of address dated within the last 6 months (Proof of parent’s address e.g. utility bill, bank statement will suffice) and Child’s PPS Number on an official document (Medical Card, European Health Insurance Card or letter from Social Welfare). We also require Parent’s or Guardian’s Official I.D. (Passport or Drivers License) and Proof of address dated within the last 6 months (Proof of address e.g. utility bill, bank statement)

A Parent or Guardian may sign on the child’s behalf if they are under 7 years of age. If over 7 years, the child must be present in the office to sign the membership application themselves.


What is a credit union?

A financial co-operative, owned and controlled by its members, for its members.

Why do credit unions exist?

To service the financial needs of your community, on a not-for-profit basis, and to retain members’ savings in your community for the benefit of all the members.

Who owns a credit union?

The members own the credit union

Who runs First Choice Credit Union?

First Choice Credit Union is run by a voluntary board of directors who are elected by members at First Choice Credit Union AGM.

How much do I need to have in my account to be a member?

To be considered an active or full member you must have at least €10.00 in your share account.

What is the common bond?

A common bond defines the area within which the credit union can operate. People living or working within the common bond are eligible to join the credit union.

What exactly are Credit Union Shares?

All savings are called Shares in First Choice Credit Union. Each share represents €1 in value. So if a member has €20,000 saved, they in effect, hold 20,000 shares. Each year-end, the credit union pays a Dividend on the shares held by each member throughout the year. This dividend is credited into the members share account.

Do I have to save?

Members are encouraged to continue saving at all times, even when repaying a loan. When you save on a regular basis no matter how small the amount, you will be surprised how quickly your savings/shares can grow. Remember your savings/shares and your loan are protected by Loan Protection/Life Savings Insurance (LP/LS) at no extra cost.